Describe your style

We strive for adventure, passion and authenticity in our films. Every wedding has it's own unique personality, and we do our best to have that at the forefront. We want our films to be about your undeniable love for each other, the adventure your embarking on and all of those closest to you who you brought along for the journey. We hope that you can see this in our films.

We take on a limited number of weddings a year to focus on quality and to produce the best work we can. No two weddings are the same, and we want that to show in our work. Do we vibe? If our style matches with yours, please fill out this form below and let's chat.

How do we book Out Of Mountain?

Firstly let's start a conversation about your wedding via our contact page and from there we'll chat about your wedding film.

How long will our wedding film be?

This depends on the Collection you choose, however we use these as guidelines as every wedding different and some need more time than others to be able to tell your story.

What music will be used in our film?

Out Of Mountain uses fully licensed music tracks in all their films. This means you don't have to worry when showing it to the world and allows you to share it how you wish. We like to get your input, finding out what kind of music you listen to and what you enjoy. Then we find the music that fits best with your wedding film.

How long does it take to get our wedding film?

Out Of Mountain aims to deliver your wedding film within 3 months of the day, however during our busy summer months your patience is appreciated.

What happens after the wedding?

All is in safe hands. You will receive your teaser film roughly 2 weeks after your wedding and then your remaining films after that. We deliver our films via vimeo.com and after that you will receive a usb with all of your films on it and some goodies.

Do you travel

We love to travel. If your near or far, we can be there, all we ask is that you cover our costs.

What gear do you use?

This isn't a film set. We don't want to intrude on the day but instead be stealthy. We use Sony mirrorless cameras with all the lenses we need, our trusty monopod, tripod and gimbal. We record audio with our on board microphones, lavalier microphones and recorders for the important moments on the groom and officiant.